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Författare: Pierluigi Curcio.

L’ascesa degli antonini, in particolar modo dell’imperatore Marco Aurelio, porterà a uno dei momenti di maggior splendore dell’Impero Romano ed entrerà nella storia. In quegli stessi anni, un ufficiale di fanteria romana annienterà le migliori forze di cavalleria del tempo e… sarà leggenda.

I’m just looking for an excuse to purchase some Warlord games Romans and Celts so I’d like to know what rules folks are using to play out skirmish battles for the ancient world. I already own WAB and I’d like to try something more geared to a pure skirmish game. Try “Mayhem: Warrior Kings” by Two Hour Wargames. I got Warlord Games Celts to play with loTR. Still have my copy, but have not played for years.

He wrote a number of excellent rules. He’s been doing computer games for years. Spear was the first ancients ruleset that I ever played, and I would agree with Allen. I suppose that one could roll the movement for every figure in a line, and have them move at the speed of the slowest, but that seemed cumbersome. The other quirk is that infantry were mounted on square bases with a corner forward.

However, some mapping of the left and right front sides of a diagonal square base to a transverse square base might work. Your shield covered the left front and your weapon was in the right front. Also liked his battle set of ancients rules, but now I’ll have to go look to get the name. A great author who’s not gotten his share of “glory” in the hobby. Jack Scruby’s rules to the modern world in the 1970s. Spear, but that sort of basing is not very consistent with most other basing systems out there. Even if just for reference, I’d love to see these available as reprints.

I would argue that Phil Barker played an big role in that process, too. His first edition ancients rules came out in 1969 and by the mid 70s, they had dominated ancients wargaming. Getting back to skirmish rules, I second Mayhem:Warrior Kings. Their is also the Sword in Gaul, Larry Brom’s rewrite of Sword and the Flame for well Romans in Gaul. You can get Pig Wars from the author as a PDF if interested. Dan: thanks for explaining “corner forward”. I didn’t know what it meant.

Great set of rules, really made for man-to-man combat. One of the better dark Age skirmish games out there. Mayhem Warrior Heroes or perhaps the newer version Monjoie. Monjoie advertises massed combat and skirmish combat alike but it does not work well for massed combat. Skirmish games include rules for sieges as well. So you could storm a small keep and it would probably do ok.

Song of Blades and Heroes is a very fun game. It is a fantasy game but it has been used for Vikings vs Picts pretty successfully. If you like WAB, why not try Mordheim? It’s mentioned in lists here and there around the internet, but that’s it. Anyone in California own a copy?