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Una ragazzina di 11 anni in coma racconta l’ordinaria follia del suo quartiere dove una famiglia di bulli(cinque ragazze e un padre tossico) la fa da padrona e sparge la paura intorno a sé. Le figlie, precocemente viziose, convincono il padre che il timido Rick Buckley, detto Broken, abbia stuprato una di loro…

Hello, I don’t know why doesn’t work now. Is it not working only to me? It tells me I’m not using PDF. I had converted 12-15 documents from same source in past 2 months with your tool. Adobe is a licensee of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal Program. TRUSTe is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to enable individuals and organizations to establish trusting relationships based on respect for personal identity and information by promoting the use of fair information practices. 3 Linux and Solaris can be upgraded to similar Adobe Reader 9.

PDF at My-Addr Project This branch of My-Addr Project created for free online PDF manipulation, all tool are accessible for free. It’s is only first part of tools, but it very important – because it will show what next tools will be created on this branch of project. Everyone who have any idea about some useful tools that is not present here now can write feedback to us. The Battle of Broken Hill was a fatal incident which took place in Australia near Broken Hill, New South Wales, on 1 January 1915. Two men shot dead four people and wounded seven more, before being killed by police and military officers. Though politically and religiously motivated, the men were not members of any sanctioned armed force and the attacks were criminal.

The attackers were both former camel-drivers working at Broken Hill. Gool’s ice-cream cart was well known in town and was used to transport the men to the attack site. They also fashioned a home-made Ottoman flag which they flew. Abdullah had arrived in Broken Hill around 1898 and worked as a camel driver.

Several days before the killings Mullah Adbullah was convicted by Police Court for slaughtering sheep on premises not licensed for slaughter. It was not his first offence. Brosnan, acting to enforce the municipal regulations, observed that the unauthorised slaughter was insanitary, he acted to enforce the law. Each New Year’s Day the local lodge of the Manchester Unity Order of Oddfellows held a picnic at Silverton. The train from Broken Hill to Silverton was crowded with 1200 picnickers on 40 open ore trucks. The picnickers initially thought that the shots were being discharged in honour of the train’s passing, but once their companions started falling, the reality sank in. Alma Cowie, aged 17 died instantly.

William John Shaw, a foreman in the Sanitary Department, was killed on the train and his daughter Lucy Shaw was injured. Six other people on the train were injured: Mary Kavanagh, George Stokes, Thomas Campbell, Alma Crocker, Rose Crabb and Constable Robert Mills. Nyholm, soon to be a father of six children, including Sir Ronald Nyholm, also of Broken Hill. Nyholm was a renowned marksman and proved instrumental in protecting the train’s passengers from further injury. Gool and Mullah Abdullah made their way from the train towards the West Camel camp where they lived. On the way they killed Alfred E. Millard who had taken shelter in his hut.

By this time the train had pulled over at a siding and the police were telephoned. The police contacted Lieutenant Resch at the local army base who despatched his men. When police encountered Gool and Abdullah near the Cable Hotel, the pair shot and wounded Constable Mills. James Craig, a 69-year-old occupant of a house behind the Cable Hotel, resisted his daughter’s warning about chopping wood during a gun battle and was hit by a stray bullet and killed. He was the fourth to die.