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This article relies too much exile on Main St. PDF references to primary sources. Exile One is a cadence musical group founded by Gordon Henderson in the 1970s with musicians invited over from Dominica, to be based in Guadeloupe. The band was influential in the development of Caribbean music.

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“Exile on Main St.” è esattamente come il rock dovrebbe sempre essere: urgente. Un gruppo di musicisti che suonano canzoni grandiose chiusi in una stanza. una comunione di suoni che colano uno dentro l’altro, con il rullante che vibra senza posa e gli amplificatori che ronzano incuranti. Baccanale sfrenato di bottiglie infrante, scalpiccio di piedi. voci mormoranti e grida d’entusiasmo. Un cocktail fulminante di acrobazie senza rete e urli selvaggi; il tutto con la maschera abbassata. Inciso nel 1972 da Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Mick Taylor, Charlie Watts e Bill Wyrnan in una villa francese trasformata in studio di registrazione, “Exile” suona ancora oggi come la quintessenza del rock americano. Bill Janovitz, in questo agile volumetto, analizza le tecniche di registrazione e i testi delle canzoni, racconta gli aneddoti e la genesi dell’album dei Rolling Stones che ha influenzato generazioni di musicisti.

French Overseas Department of Guadeloupe had everything he needed to begin a career in Creole music. French Antilles emulated in the 1970s. Exile One and Grammacks were two influential figures in the promotion of cadence-lypso in the 1970s. They were inspirational for Kassav and the emergence of zouk in the 1980s. Gordon Henderson was born in Roseau, Dominica, grew up in the town of Portsmouth and received his secondary education at the St.

Gordon Henderson musical career began with short stints with various teenage bands performing at talent shows and dances around the Island. Gordon Henderson is the leader and founder of the famous musical group Exile One and the one who coined the name Cadence-lypso. In 1975, Exile One became the first Creole act to sign a major recording contract with the French label Barclay, today a part of Universal. Exile One would go on to sell gold records. Gordon Henderson went on to produce other artists including, Ophelia, a fellow Dominican who is known as the Creole lady of song. He also took time off to study the French language and researched Creole culture. In the 1980s he got involved in creating Tropic FM in Paris, France, a radio station now known as Media Tropical targeting the Caribbean Diaspora in France.

He produced and hosted a TV show called Feel the World Beat that was broadcast on selected PBS stations in the US and the RFO-SAT network. A Brazilian version of a Gordon Henderson’s composition “Jamais voir ça” sold more than 2. 5 million copies, recorded by Carlos Santos with the title “Quero Voce”. In addition Henderson has been the recipient of numerous gold records for sales of over 100,000 in France. Among his other achievements he is author of a book titled Zoukland, and credits as producer and performer of more than 30 long-playing recording projects. The Rough Guide by The Penguin Group.

The original members of Exile One. Zouk: World Music in the West Indies. Zouk – Tracing the History of the Music to its Dominican Roots”. World Music: The Rough Guide – Volume 2: “Simon Broughton, Kim Burton and Exile One’s lead singer, Gordon Henderson, went on to found a highly original cadence band, the Vikings of Guadeloupe.

The Vikings’ style was very much a precursor of Kassav, whose own co-founder, Pierre Eduard Decimus, was a member of the group. Onto the lilt of cadence was forged a crash of “. This article on a Caribbean band or other musical ensemble is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Exile on Main Street ist das zehnte in Großbritannien erschienene Studioalbum der Rolling Stones, produziert von Jimmy Miller. Zum Zeitpunkt seines Erscheinens wurde Exile on Main St. Musikkritikern angegriffen, da diese sich nicht mit dem recht rauen, unfertig wirkenden Produktionsstil anfreunden konnten.

Heute gilt die Platte als eine der besten Veröffentlichungen der Band. Es sind weniger die einzelnen Stücke, die das Album ausmachen, als vielmehr die Konsistenz der Songqualität und die durchgehende Stimmung voller Kraft und Groove. Bemerkenswert ist die in den Hintergrund gemischte Stimme von Mick Jagger. Auch Rip This Joint gibt es in einer von Keith Richards gesungenen Version, wurde jedoch in dieser Form nie veröffentlicht. Anfang 1971 hatten die Stones aus steuerlichen Gründen England verlassen und sich in Frankreich angesiedelt.