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CME Group Cares Weekends – Score 1 for St. Jump to navigation Jump to search For the helicopter, flori Wood PDF Sikorsky R-4. Hoverflies, sometimes called flower flies, or syrphid flies, make up the insect family Syrphidae.

Författare: Felipe Cardena.

About 6,000 species in 200 genera have been described. Hoverflies are common throughout the world and can be found on all continents except Antarctica. The size of hoverflies varies depending on the species. Some, like members of the genus Baccha, are small, elongated, and slender, while others, like members of Criorhina, are large, hairy, and yellow and black.

Bee flies of the family Bombyliidae often mimic Hymenoptera and hover around flowers as well, rendering some bombyliid species hard to tell apart from Syrphidae at first glance. An example of a well-known hoverfly maggot is the rat-tailed maggot, of the drone fly, Eristalis tenax. It has a breathing siphon at its rear end, giving it its name. On occasion, hoverfly larvae have been known to cause accidental myiasis in humans. This occurs when the larvae are accidentally ingested on food or from other sources. Hoverflies are a cosmopolitan family found in most biomes, except deserts, tundra at extremely high latitudes, and Antarctica.

While some hoverfly larvae are aquatic and are often found in stagnant water, those of species which prey upon aphids and other plant pests are usually terrestrial, residing on leaves. Adults are often found near flowers, their principal food source being nectar and pollen. Hoverflies are important pollinators of flowering plants in a variety of ecosystems worldwide. Like many pollinator groups, syrphid flies range from species that take a generalist approach to foraging by visiting a wide range of plant species to those that specialize in a narrow range of plants. Specific flower preferences differ between species, but syrphid fly species have repeatedly been shown to prefer white- and yellow-coloured flowers. Nonvisual flower cues such as olfactory cues also help the flies to find flowers, especially those that are not yellow. Also, a number of fascinating interactions occur between orchids and hoverflies.