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Follow the link for more information. Traveling northbound as a continuation of SR 7, interstate 22 PDF first exit is for South 26th Street, which provides access to the Tacoma Dome, and the Tacoma Dome transit hub and Amtrak station. Traveling southbound towards I-5, I-705 begins with on ramps from Stadium Way South and from Schuster Parkway. Passing Firemans Park on the south, traffic from South 9th Street and A Street merge onto I-705.

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The opening of Interstate 5 and the Tacoma Mall in 1965 caused a reduction in the number of retailers in Downtown Tacoma, which was only accessible via local streets from the freeway. In 1968, the Department of Highways adopted the routing of a freeway into Downtown Tacoma along the western side of the City Waterway, to be constructed over railroad right of way. The project, then part of a new freeway corridor for State Route 509 through the Port of Tacoma, was approved by the Tacoma City Council in 1971, but further planning was suspended at the time due to funding issues. While funding was identified in the 1970s, construction on the freeway was not completed until 1990 because of federal budget cuts. The highway was the last Interstate to be completed in the state of Washington. The entire highway is in Tacoma, Pierce County.

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K Street to get King’s Name, Council Decides”. United States Gross Domestic Product deflator figures follow the Measuring Worth series. Senate Bill Provides Millions for Roads”. Want to transfer your supervision to another state? Step-by-Step ICAOS Rules The Step-by-Step ICAOS Rules offer users a unique method for learning and understanding the rules of interstate transfers. Bench Book The Bench Book for Judges and Court Personnel is currently available for download as a PDF.

ICOTS Portal The ICOTS Portal allows the public to search for information about offenders who have transferred supervision to another state or are in another state with permission while the transfer of supervision is under consideration. On March 6, 2019, 5 new enhancements and 1 bug fix were launched in ICOTS. This is the first of several enhancement releases to take place during FY 2019. ICOTS Notice: Upgrade to TLS 1. 18 – Web Browsers Need TLS 1.