Oh, America PDF

M Records on 29 March 1979. It was recorded in oh, America PDF at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles.

Författare: Marcella Olschki.

Breakfast in America won two Grammy Awards in 1980, and holds an RIAA certification of quadruple platinum. It became Supertramp’s biggest-selling album, with more than 4 million copies sold in the US alone, and was No. 1 on Billboard Pop Albums Chart for six weeks, until 30 June 1979. As with Even in the Quietest Moments, Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson wrote most of their songs separately but conceived the theme for the album jointly. This idea was eventually scrapped in favour of an album of “fun” songs, and though Davies initially wanted to keep the title Hello Stranger, he was convinced by Hodgson to change it to Breakfast in America. Hodgson commented later: “We chose the title because it was a fun title.

It suited the fun feeling of the album. Gone Hollywood” is the opening track of Breakfast in America. Written by Rick Davies, the song tells about a person who moves to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming a movie star, but finds it far more difficult than he imagined. Child of Vision” is the closing track. Much like “The Logical Song”, it uses a Wurlitzer electric piano as the main instrument. After the lyrical part, the song goes into a long solo played on the grand piano alongside the original melody on the Wurlitzer.

Since all of Supertramp’s songs are contractually credited to both Davies and Hodgson, it is difficult to determine who actually wrote each song. The album went through two rounds of demos. In order to avoid spending a lot of time on mixing, the band and their production team devoted a week to experimenting with different sound setups until they found the perfect arrangement. The effort proved to be wasted, as the engineering team would end up spending more than two extremely stressful months searching for the right mix, and were only finished after that length of time because the deadline had arrived, not because they felt at all satisfied with the results.

Tensions between Hodgson and Davies were reportedly almost non-existent on this album. Engineer Peter Henderson recalled: “They got along fantastically well and everyone was really happy. Six of the ten tracks on Breakfast in America feature parts played on the Wurlitzer electric piano. The Wurlitzer had already been used in older Supertramp songs such as “Dreamer” and “Lady”. The album’s front cover resembles an overlook of New York City through an airplane window. Breakfast in America topped the US Billboard 200 for six weeks and became Supertramp’s biggest selling album, while producing four hit singles—”The Logical Song”, “Goodbye Stranger”, “Take the Long Way Home” and the title track.