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American actress, singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Born in Barrow, Alaska to Charles and Lauri, Kibby grew up in San Francisco where besides vocal training she studied piano and cello in her teens. She also performed as part of the chorus re: birth Vol. 2 PDF the San Francisco Opera.

Författare: Lee Soo Hyon.

In 2003, Kibby released an EP entitled Beggar’s Alchemy, doing vocals, cello, and piano. Soon after the release she began performing with the musicians that would form The Romanovs, including Dan Rosa and Paul Wiancko. In 2005, the band released the And the Moon Was Hungry album. For a short time the group were just known as “Morgan” and soon after evolved into “Morgan and the Hidden Hands”. In 2007, the band started to re-mix and re-master their first release.

New percussion, cello, violin, piano and vocals were added to former tracks as well as two new studio recordings titled “Fever Pitch” and “Mr. Too Late” and “Skin of the Night”. Kibby has embarked on a solo project since touring with M83, called White Sea, which is a translation of her name. After In Cold Blood she has released a series of singles under a new maxim to share music freely with her fans, without the need for EPs or albums. Why White Sea Is More Than An M83 Side Project”. Secrets of the White Sea: How M83’s Morgan Kibby Made Pop’s Newest Break-Up Classic”. Listing for the And the Moon was Hungry album by the Romanovs on Discogs.

Listing of the re-release of And The Moon Was Hungry album by the Romanovs on Discogs. Youth album by M83 on Discogs. Listing for the Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming album by M83 on Discogs. Exclusive song premiere and Interview: White Sea and Susanne SundfØr”. Inside the making of M83’s ‘epic’ new album”.