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Looking for other vegans for friendship and support? This section has links to vegan forums, newsletters, national support groups, campaign vegan PDF and annual events. And there’s also a special page for vegan homepages and a list of vegan-run animal sanctuaries for those who’d like to get involved in volunteer work.

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Questo volume propone ricette facili, veloci e piccoli segreti grazie ai quali imparerete ad avvicinarvi a nuovi sapori, associazioni curiose e quasi impensabili, costruendo così una perfetta dieta vegana. Pagina dopo pagina, potrete scoprire come passare da una dieta onnivora a un’alimentazione priva di proteine animali e derivati, mantenendo inalterati gusto, benessere ed energia vitale.

The Vegan Forum International vegan message boards, with a UK section. Vegan Virtual Supper Club Flickr photo-based site. Vegan Bodybuilding Forum A new forum for vegans wanting to get fit and healthy. You’ll also find vegans on Twitter and Facebook. For more blogs see the homepages. Vegan News Includes news, recipes, product reviews and veganic gardening tips. Vegan Views Long-running newsletter available by subscription in printed or PDF format.

Violet’s Vegan Comics Comics for vegan children. Vegan Family House A website for vegan families. Includes advice on common vegan parenting issues, links for vegan children, information on vaccinations, plus recipes and a vegan chocolate page! Vegan Bodybuilding Offers help and support to vegans looking to gain size, lose fat or get into better shape.

Vegan Bodybuilding also runs related contests at the vegan fayres. Vegan Prisoners Support Group Practical help and support for vegan ‘crimes of conscience’ prisoners. The Fresh Network News, recipes and contacts for raw food vegans. Veggie Vision The UK’s first vegan-run ‘internet TV station’.

Plus a special mention for the vegan-run Veggie Romance and Vegetarian and Vegan Matchmakers dating agencies. Campaign groups Animal Aid Animal Aid is the UK’s largest animal rights organisation. They campaign against all animal abuse and promote a vegan lifestyle. Animal Aid also organise the annual Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre in London. Uncaged Campaigns Uncaged campaign against vivisection with a particular focus on the politics of animal rights. They co-ordinate the annual International Animal Rights Day and the campaign for a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights.

They aim to set the best policies for animals, encourage other political parties to become more animal friendly, and contest local and European elections. Dr Hadwen Trust The Dr Hadwen Trust promotes the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research, testing and teaching. HIPPO HIPPO is dedicated to relieving poverty and overcoming hunger and malnutrition in poor countries through the provision and production of vegan food. Respect for Animals Respect for Animals campaign against the fur trade. They run the annual Design Against Fur competition and were responsible for the iconic anti-fur advertising campaign of the 80’s.

Spiralseed Spiralseed produces a permaculture guide and vegan guide and cookbook. They offer a forest garden and permaculture design consultancy, and run permaculture courses throughout the year. Vegan Campaigns Works to raise awareness of veganism and organises information stalls and other vegan events in London. Vegan-Organic Network The Vegan-Organic Network is a charity ‘devoted to education about animal-free food growing’. They produce a regular magazine and provide information for both large- and small-scale growers. Vega Research Vega Research campaigns on farming and human health issues. Sponsors research into vegan nutrition and the links between diet and health.

Vegfam Vegfam is a vegan charity which provides relief to victims of drought, flood, war and other emergencies. Vegfam takes minimal administration costs from the money raised and when you donate you can choose for your donation to go entirely towards your preferred project. They also set up the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation which monitors research relating to diet and health. The 2012 camp is in Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria, from 4th August to 18th August. Veggie Snow Annual vegan skiing trips.

Animal Aid’s Christmas Fayre Animal Aid’s annual feelgood event at Kensington Town Hall, London. London Vegan Festival Usually takes place in August at Kensington Town Hall, London W8 7NX. Takes place in March each year at the Hove Centre. VegfestUK Bristol Takes place in May each year at The Amphitheatre and Waterfront Square. West Midlands Vegan Festival Saturday 27th October 2012 at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall.